Show and Tell ~ ELA Test Prep!

Welcome to Show and Tell Tuesday with Forever in 5th Grade!

At my school, the third quarter is winding down and after Spring Break, it will be "testing season".

So this post is all about my approach to test prep!

First, I started with reviewing the basic reading skills of:
author's purpose
main idea
text features
by using my new Reading Skills Pixanotes!

Next, students matched up the pictures that matched the definitions.

I had students write questions under the flaps that can be answered with the text to the right.  This allows for a more full Cornell notes type experience.  It also gives the students some practice with the definitions as they must ponder them as they decide where the pictures belong.

Now students were ready to practice with the definitions.  One fun way to do this is with these dandy dominoes that match the Pixanotes!

I like to have students work on this with a partner so they can discuss why certain pictures represent certain words.  Then once students have had a chance to work with the words, I have them mix up the dominoes and compete against other groups for the fastest time!

After my students have a frame of reference with the Pixanotes, then I look for creative ways to practice the skills.  This year, I am trying something new by using the picture book Miss Rumphius and a choice board/menu.  

You can find out more about this (and get a freebie!) by clicking {here}.

Next, I will read them this e-book and go through the activities:

The idea behind the e-book is to help students understand that our big state test is like a championship.  Do athletes complain when they have to go to the championship?  No, of course not!  They're excited to show that they are the best!  So it should be the same with our state test.  It's a chance for students to proudly show what they know!

You can get this e-book for free when you sign up for my periodic newsletter!

Lastly, it will be important for us to review the steps for successful test-taking.  I will be using this flipbook that I made:

This makes the steps that seem so abstract much more concrete for our students with learning challenges.  

I hope this gives you some ideas for how you might change up your test prep this year!  In the meantime, be sure to visit Forever in 5th Grade for some more Show and Tell!

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Springing into Learning with a Great Picture Book!

My fun Spring idea begins with a picture book.  In Middle School you ask?  Yes, most definitely!

My Middle School students still love picture books.  Not only do  the students enjoy being read to but picture books make more complex topics and concepts easier to digest.

Since we have to prepare for our state reading test, I thought of a kinder, gentler way to accomplish this with this picture book:

I will probably show the students this video of the book first:

After we have watched the video, then we will read and examine the book for main idea, cause and effect, and compare and contrast - to start!    
I am planning to have my students practice their learning with these three reading skills with a choice board / menu:

This choice board is great for differentiation, too!  I can assign students smaller or larger assignments as well as ensure that students can complete assignments that suit them best.

I can see myself adding more choice boards with the same book to address other reading skills and to include mentor sentences.

Then, as part of our study, we simply must plant lupine seeds!  This is the quintessential spring activity, right?  My students will love it!

If you'd like free copies of the two resources above (with links to the online games), please click {here}.

If you'd like to view the complete unit with all the templates for the interactive notebook foldables and drawing activities, please click {here}.

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St. Patrick's Day Luck for Middle Schoolers!

So happy to join up for the monthly "Pick 3" linky with Pawsitively Teaching, Just Reed, and Inspired Owls' Corner!

This month, I am focusing on bringing a little luck 'o the Irish into my Middle School classes!


This pin leads to a nice list of facts about St. Patrick's Day.  I like this because it helps to dispel the myths and "set the record straight."  In Middle School, my students are always searching for the truth.  It might be fun to play "2 truths and a lie" with these facts!


This pin actually leads to THREE printables.  I thought they might be nice to hang up in the classroom for more "mature" decorations.  Plus, I can see these becoming part of a lesson on luck - as in "What makes someone lucky?"  

Maybe this question would be a nice lead-in for a read-aloud using one of the books from below:


I love a good read aloud in middle school and the students love them too!  It's always fun to read a good story and picture books make some great anchors for practicing all kinds of reading skills!